Shaking up senior leadership: Intrepid Travel’s strengthening push for innovation, sustainability and gender balance

Shaking up senior leadership: Intrepid Travel's strengthening push for innovation, sustainability and gender balance

Travel industry leader Intrepid Travel recently made headlines by rolling out changes in its senior leadership. The company has grown steadily over the years, fostering sustainability and ethics within its operations, and these new leadership selections mark the latest phase in its expansion.

Intrepid Travel’s senior leadership updates

James Thornton, who has been at Intrepid’s helm since 2017, will shift to a two-day-per-week role while retaining his Chief Executive Officer title. He will also take charge of a new venture called Intrepid Ventures, an avenue for exploring innovation and growth opportunities outside of the company’s core operations.

Brett Mitchell, who originally helmed the Asia Pacific region for the company, has now been promoted to Chief Commercial Officer. This is a giant leap for Mitchell, who has been with the company since 2011 and has overseen the establishment of several key markets during his tenure.

Sarah Clark, Intrepid’s chief financial officer, gets promoted as the Chief Operating Officer. Clark, who only joined the company in 2020, impressed the team with her financial acumen and operational expertise, making her the ideal candidate for this role.

What this means for the company

These leadership changes come at an important time for Intrepid as it forges ahead to become the world’s first billion-dollar adventure travel company. The reshuffling provides a fresh perspective while retaining the company’s existing values and operations. The new team will focus on scaling up the company’s results, delivering on their commitment to becoming climate positive, and creating more local jobs worldwide.

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In Intrepid’s own words, the team reshuffling is a proactive measure designed to no just respond to the changing travel environment, but to adapt and thrive in it.

Adding more women to leadership

Intrepid Travel’s move towards balancing gender equity at its senior leadership echelons is another commendable step. The addition of Clark in the leadership role underscores the company’s push towards achieving gender balance. As said in their 2017 commitment, Intrepid aims to double its number of female tour leaders globally by 2020, showing that the company is continuing to work hard to keep this promise.

The changes announced reflect a dynamic and adapted approach to the challenges presented by the global pandemic, focusing on growth and sustainability at the forefront. As travelers, we eagerly anticipate the new experiences and opportunities these changes will bring, particularly in delivering more innovative, authentic, and responsible travel experiences for all.

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