Three key factors preventing Bitcoin from reaching the 72k mark

Three key factors preventing Bitcoin from reaching the 72k mark

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin has been struggling to hit that elusive $72k mark. A blockage that many saw filled with opportunities, yet fraught with potential obstacles. In this piece, we will unearth the three primary reasons that have kept Bitcoin from soaring above the $72,000 threshold.

Stock market’s uncertainty

One of the most significant factors contributing to Bitcoin’s inability to break the $72k barrier has been the ongoing uncertainty plaguing the stock market. While Bitcoin continues to rise as a decentralized force in the finance sector, its performance often echoes the health of the broader stock market. The past few weeks have seen an unpredictability in the stock exchange, causing investors to hesitate before injecting more money into Bitcoin. As traditional market instability seeps into Bitcoin’s rising trend, the dream of reaching the $72k mark gets pushed a bit further into the future.

Lack of institutional buying

The second factor hindering Bitcoin’s climb to $72k is the reduction in institutional buying. Throughout its history, Bitcoin’s price action has significantly been influenced by the investment behaviors of large institutions. These large financial players either drive Bitcoin’s price up by driving demand or dampen its growth by selling off huge totals. Over the past few weeks, a noticeable lull in institutional buying has emerged leading to a slowdown in Bitcoin’s price increase. This hesitation can be attributed to various factors, including discussions around regulatory shifts and investment strategy alterations due to the ongoing pandemic.

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The pressure of major resistance

Lastly, the presence of a major resistance area around $72k is acting as a significant roadblock to Bitcoin’s bull run. Technically, this level has historically been challenging to break and will require a massive surge in buying pressure to overcome. Reduced trading volumes and a decline in the number of active bitcoin addresses in recent weeks have created a challenging environment for such a buying surge to materialize.

These are the three key roadblocks that currently prevent Bitcoin from hitting the $72k mark. While the road upward might be delayed for now, it’s important to remember that Bitcoin is a living, breathing entity that moves with the ebb and flow of its environment. Peaks and valleys are part of its journey, just as with any form of investment. As we encounter resistance, it’s crucial to learn and adapt rather than stall or retreat. This way, we can approach our financial decisions with confidence and empowerment, ultimately contributing to the maturity of the nascent, yet promising space of cryptocurrency.

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