Tk’connect: Turkish airlines unveils cutting-edge air travel technology for enhanced experience

Tk'connect: Turkish airlines unveils cutting-edge air travel technology for enhanced experience

Introducing TK’Connect, a new frontier in air travel technology, brought to you by Turkish Airlines. This corporate travel management solution, aimed at enhancing the experience of travel professionals and customers, adopts New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards for ticket distribution, offering a more personalized, innovative, and efficient air journey.

A new age for airline reservation systems

TK’Connect marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of airline reservation systems. It transcends the current traditional systems and promises to deliver a comprehensive and efficient process leveraging the New Distribution Capability(NDC) standards.

Endorsed by IATA, NDC is a new protocol for communication between airlines and travel agents. This innovation provides airlines with a major boost in flexibility allowing them to offer a plethora of ancillary travel products along with tickets.

Improving the customer experience

With the adoption of NDC, Turkish Airlines aims for a more streamlined, seamless, and customer-centric service. Travelers will get a more personalized journey with tailored offers, access to more fare types, and side-by-side comparison of flights all in real-time.

The bright prospects of TK’Connect

TK’Connect isn’t solely about switching to a new protocol. It is a complete, integrated solution to corporate travel management. It provides a platform for corporate customers and travel agents to directly interact with Turkish Airlines’ product catalog. The platform also includes features that allow for the management of ticket changes, reissues, and the tracking of ancillary products, which range from additional baggage to in-flight meals.

Empowering travel professionals

The new platform will equip travel professionals with extensive tools and reports, providing insights to optimize corporate travel planning, budgeting, and management. It is designed to offer high functionality, simplicity and extensive support to travel professionals, streamlining the entire ticket booking process.

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This shift in technology represents how Turkish Airlines continues to innovate and adapt to the emerging needs of the airline industry, particularly in this challenging time for global travel. With the introduction of TK’Connect, Turkish Airlines is not just future-proofing its business, but also creating avenues to enhance customer experience and service offerings. The potential of this new technology, combined with the ambitious vision of Turkish Airlines, will undeniably contribute to enhanced travel experiences in the years to come.
Making a difference, Turkish Airlines’ TK’Connect, is certain to redefine corporate travel management, catering to travelers’ requirements while striving for customer-centricity and efficiency. Embrace this travel evolution with Turkish Airlines, for a more personalized, seamless, and efficient air travel experience.

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