Ultimate guide to drying pillows safely in your dryer

Ultimate guide to drying pillows safely in your dryer

We’ve all been there – a pillow ends up in the washing machine, either knowingly or unknowingly. The question that often follows is whether you can take the next step and put it in the dryer. There are a myriad of opinions on this topic, which can often leave one with uncertainty regarding the safest and most efficient option. Let’s delve into these perspectives and see what the facts say on this perplexing matter.

Can you really put pillows in the dryer?

Pillows can, in fact, be put in the dryer, provided you take some precautions. First and foremost, it’s vital to check the care label of your pillow before you make a decision. This tag usually details the proper care guidelines for your pillow, and following them can help maintain its quality and longevity. In general, synthetic or down pillows can usually handle the heat of a dryer. However, you should avoid this method if your pillow is made from foam or latex, as the heat can damage these materials.

Tips for drying pillows in a dryer

If you decide to dry your pillow in the dryer, there are a few effective tricks to ensure the process goes smoothly. Start by using the low heat setting on your dryer – it may take a bit more time, but it significantly lowers the risk of damage. Add in a couple of clean tennis balls or homemade dryer balls as well. They help to agitate the filling and ensure it dries out evenly, preventing any unwelcome lumps or bumps. The frequent pauses to fluff up the pillow also help reinvigorate its structure, ensuring your nights of comfortable sleep are not disrupted.

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Remember, overloading your dryer is not advised. It prevents the pillows from tumbling freely and might result in uneven drying, which can lead to the growth of mildew. Split your load if you have more than two pillows to dry.

Safety measures while using the dryer

It’s important to pay attention to the safety guidelines while using dryers for pillows. Regularly checking your pillows during the drying process prevents overheating and potential fire hazards. If you notice any strange noises or odors, stop the process immediately. And of course, never leave a running dryer unattended.

A well-cared-for pillow vastly improves the quality of your sleep. Knowing how to maintain them well ensures that you can enjoy their comfort for a long time. So yes, you can put your pillows in the dryer, providing you follow the care labels and use the right techniques. This mix of practicing sustainable care and sustainable living is a stepping stone to a healthier life and a better tomorrow for our planet. Remember to practice patience and safety and, above all, enjoy the comforts of your well-maintained pillows.

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