Unveiling central Italy: Eurobound’s new itinerary takes tourists beyond the typical attractions

Unveiling central Italy: Eurobound's new itinerary takes tourists beyond the typical attractions

The allure of Central Italy is undeniably seductive — the enchanting landscapes, the rich culture and history, and, of course, the delectable cuisines. While the popular cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice have always been the crown jewels of Italy, there is more to this mesmerizing country than meets the eye. This is where the genius of Eurobound’s new itinerary steps in — an exploration of the lesser-known yet equally captivating central region of Italy.

Discovering the undiscovered with Eurobound

Eurobound, a company known for curating personalized and luxe European vacations, has introduced a new itinerary designed to uncover the hidden gems of Central Italy. A 9-night route, this journey is beautifully crafted to showcase the untouched beauty and multifaceted charm of regions like Marche, Umbria, and Abruzzo.

True to its visionary approach, Eurobound seeks to go beyond the norm, offering travelers not just a sightseeing tour but an immersive experience. To that end, the itinerary includes accommodation in boutique properties and experiences like truffle hunting, private cooking lessons, and wine tastings — affording travelers a chance to intertwine with the vibrant life and rich cultural tapestry of Italy.

Navigating through the enchanting realms of Central Italy

The journey commences in Marche, a region nestled against the eastern coastline of Italy. Here, visitors can delve into the historical charm of Ascoli Piceno, a city steeped in architectural wonders, and proceed to a truffle hunting adventure in the Sibillini Mountains. They also have the opportunity to discover the wine culture of the region through a wine pairing dinner in a local winery.

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Next on the itinerary is the region of Umbria, where experiences like a private cooking lesson in Perugia and a full-day guided tour of Assisi await curious travelers. The final stop is Abruzzo, a region teeming with national parks and pristine beaches. Here, visitors can indulge in a cheese making experience in Scanno and explore the archaeological site of Alba Fucens.

With this thoughtfully curated itinerary, Eurobound is making it possible for travelers to absorb the lesser-known wonders of Central Italy at their own pace. They get a chance to not just see, but truly experience the soul of the land, right from picking truffles to cooking traditional Italian dishes, from wineries to archaeological explorations.

It’s an opportunity to delve into the heart of Italy — to see it, feel it, taste it, and experience it like never before, departing from the known trails and venturing into the heart of uncharted territories.

All in all, Eurobound’s new itinerary is redefining the travel landscape, presenting a rich tapestry of experiences that goes above and beyond the typical tourist circuit. It’s an invitation to immerse oneself deeply in the Italian way of life, unearthing the charm and allure of this incredible country in its purest form.

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