Unveiling the secrets of Korean cuisine with InsideAsia’s Culinary Korea tour

Unveiling the secrets of Korean cuisine with InsideAsia's Culinary Korea tour

A culinary sojourn through Korea

Immerse yourself in the colors, flavors, and aromas of Korea as you embark on an epicurean adventure with InsideAsia Tours’ latest offering. Their exciting new itinerary, aptly named ‘Culinary Korea’, takes you on a 12-day sensory journey through the country, allowing plenty of opportunities to remember why travel is always a feast for the senses.

In keeping with InsideAsia’s trademark style, the tour is meticulously designed to go beyond the typical tourist path, shedding light on some of the region’s best kept culinary secrets. Your plate and your palate will be treated to a refreshing medley of experiences, as you savour the intoxicating mix of age-old traditions, inventive techniques, and modern tastes that Korea has to offer.

Seoul – a dexterous blend of old and new

The tour commences in Seoul, a bustling metropolis that perfectly marries the old with the new. You’ll be led through a number of private cooking classes, food tours and market visits, teasing out the city’s rich culinary history while also exposing you to its contemporary influences. Learn the intricacies of crafting a perfectly balanced bibimbap, or get hands-on with traditional Korean barbecue, all alongside expert local chefs who are passionate about their craft.

Exploring the tastes of South Korea

From bustling Seoul, the tour heads deep into the heart of South Korea. Sample authentic Korean dishes right where they were born, in the homes of locals who have mastered the art of the Korean kitchen. In Gwangju, the birthplace of Kimchi, delve into the heart and soul of Korean cuisine at the Kimchi school, where the art of Korea’s iconic pickled vegetables has been passed down over generations.

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Jeonju – a gastronomic gem

Next on the itinerary is Jeonju, a city recognised as a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomic Arts. The city is home to the traditional Hanjeongsik feast, an experience that awakens the senses with a tableau of side dishes, each one perfectly showcasing the balance, depth, and diversity of Korean flavours.

Wrapping up the tour is an enjoyable stay in Busan, a delightful coastal city known for its seafood. Here, a visit to the Jagalchi Fish Market is a must, where you can taste the catch of the day, fresh from the ocean.

Whether you’re already passionate about Korean food, or yet to discover your love for it, this tour has something to tantalize everyone’s taste buds. ‘Culinary Korea’ invites you to share in the joy of Korean food, honoring it both as a form of sustenance and an intimate part of their cultural heritage. Along every step of your journey, you’ll be welcomed into the warm and inviting arms of the Korean people, sharing in their love of food and drink, and perhaps, taking a little bit of Korea back with you.

As each day unravels a new gastronomic wonder, you’ll not only be satiating your taste buds, but also feeding your soul, as you gain a deeper understanding of what makes Korea so unique, so enchanting. And in the end, isn’t that what travel is all about?

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