Avoya travel impresses at ASTA global convention, wins 2021 travel advisor innovation award

Avoya travel impresses at ASTA global convention, wins 2021 travel advisor innovation award

Powerful presence at the ASTA conference

The 2021 American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) Global Convention in Chicago was a remarkable gathering for travel enthusiasts, agents, and businesses. Among the attendees, the outstanding representation of Avoya Travel left a remarkable impression. Known for its innovative online travel platform, Avoya Travel blends modern technology with expert guidance from Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network™ to create unique, memorable vacation experiences.

At the recent conference, Avoya Travel was awarded the prestigious 2021 Travel Advisor Innovation Award from TravelPulse. This recognition solidifies their position as a leader in the industry, highly respected for creativity, and notable innovation, always geared towards improving the customer’s experience.

Avoya’s innovative approach to online travel

Avoya Travel stands out due to its forward-thinking approach to online travel. Equipped with the vision of transforming the travel industry, the company has integrated advanced technologies into its service delivery. By doing so, Avoya ensures its clients benefit from the professional expertise of Independent Agencies, backed up by impressive, innovative, user-friendly technological tools that push the boundaries of what’s possible in online travel booking.

By harnessing the capabilities of its exclusive platform Avoya IQ™, this extraordinary organization empowers the Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network to connect with customers on a deeply personalized level. The technology enables travel advisors to be proactive and contact customers when the right deal comes around, effectively maximizing customer satisfaction and enhancing the overall travel experience.

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The power behind Avoya’s success

Undoubtedly, the innovation that drives Avoya comes from a commitment to their foundational principles. The company firmly believes in the value of professional advice and personal service, which, when paired with cutting-edge technologies, enables a powerful, unparalleled travel experience. Avoya’s firm reliance on these core values is what led them to the grand win at the ASTA conference, speaking volumes about their dedication to driving change within the travel industry.

Avoya Travel will, without a doubt, continue to impact the industry with their unique blend of technology and personal advisor guidance. With an invigorating, detoxifying zest for transformative technology and a touch of personalization, the company assures the best for its clients, making it a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of travel advisories.

Sharing the joy of recognition

This award is not just a milestone for Avoya, but for every travel enthusiast and professional in the industry. This achievement paves the way for more opportunities, more innovation, and, indeed, more service-driven initiatives that will revamp the travel industry, reinforcing its dynamic nature and importance to society.

There’s no doubt that Avoya Travel’s recognition at ASTA’s Global Convention will foster an even more innovative approach from other organizations within the industry. All eyes will now be keen to see what Avoya will do next – and how they’ll continue to revolutionize the world of travel advisories, further improving the experiences of countless travelers.

After digesting these remarkable developments, it’s clear to see the trajectory of Avoya Travel marked by continuous evolution, guided by an unwavering commitment to providing unrivaled travel experiences. With a holiday season coming, we can only anticipate more transformative ideas from this pioneer, further enriching our adventures and enhancing our overall travel experiences. Keep a lookout for the new, promising perspectives that Avoya Travel will bring to the forefront, as they continue to make waves and garner recognition in the vast ocean of the travel industry.

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