Beware these deadly TikTok cleaning hacks: how to spot good advice from risky trends

Beware these deadly TikTok cleaning hacks: how to spot good advice from risky trends

As the rise of social media continues, so does the proliferation of various DIY home advice and tips. Among them, TikTok has emerged as a popular platform for sharing cleaning hacks and trends. Beware, though, not all advice is good advice and some of the most popular cleaning trends can actually do more harm than good. Experts have identified cleaning trends on TikTok that you’d better give a miss.

The misuse of bleach

Renowned for its whitening and disinfecting properties, bleach is commonly enlisted in the battle against dirt and grime. However, misuse of this potent chemical can potentially lead to damaged items or even health risks. It’s an alarming trend to see TikTokers suggesting the use of bleach not just for laundry but to clean various other household items.

On TikTok, videos showcasing the use of bleach to clean wooden cutting boards have gone viral, despite experts cautioning against it. Bleach is a harsh chemical and when used on wood, it can erode the natural fibers, making the surface more prone to bacteria and rendering it unsafe for food preparation.

The alternatives

There are more sustainable and less harmful ways to keep your cutting board disinfected and looking new — simply using vinegar or baking soda can work wonders. Not only are you sparing the environment from excessive chemical waste but you’re also maintaining the longevity of your household items.

The dangers of mixing cleaning products

When it comes to cleaning, effectiveness is often misunderstood as combining as many powerful chemicals as possible. Multiple TikTok videos encourage this behavior, including ones that encourage using vinegar and baking soda together. However, experts caution that this combination can be not only ineffective but also potentially dangerous. Mixing these two substances essentially renders both inactive, reducing their cleaning power and wasting your resources.

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This impulse to mix cleaning products extends to more dangerous combinations as well, such as bleach and ammonia, which can not only cause respiratory issues but also create a toxic gas if mixed together. Therefore, it’s vital to understand what substances can and can’t be mixed in the realm of household cleaning.

The solution

Cleaning should never be a guessing game. For safety and effectiveness, stick to one potent cleaning agent at a time, or use a product specifically formulated for the task at hand.

Remember, innovation and sustainability go beyond just DIY projects – they can be applied to all aspects of our daily life, including cleaning. Carry the spirit of innovation by researching and understanding the substances you use, and demonstrate commitment towards sustainability by opting for eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible. Embracing these principles not only lets us privately live a more rewarding and responsible lifestyle, but also sets an example for the wider community, encouraging similar habits and inspiring sustainable change.

The bottom line is, while the world of social media is full of great insights and creative methods for home improvement, not every trend is beneficial or safe to adopt. Being discerning helps, but at the end of the day, let’s keep on cleaning and taking care of our homes in ways that are safe, proven, and sustainable, for the benefit of our health and our planet.

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