Breaking the glass ceiling: Sandbourne Santa Monica’s female-led leadership ushers in a new era for the hospitality industry

Breaking the glass ceiling: Sandbourne Santa Monica's female-led leadership ushers in a new era for the hospitality industry

As a frequent traveler and adventure seeker, I am always on the lookout for destinations that are unique and unconventional. Traveling is more than just exploring new locales—it’s about experiencing the sights, sounds and, most importantly, the people who make every destination special. Recently, I discovered a unique property that piqued my interest and truly exemplifies the spirit of progress and empowerment we seek in travel—the Sandbourne Santa Monica.

A new era for Sandbourne Santa Monica

The Sandbourne Santa Monica is a celebrated hotel located on the glamorous Main Street in Santa Monica, California. What sets this hotel apart, though, is its recently announced female-led leadership team. This marks a significant stride towards diversity and inclusion in the hospitality industry—an industry traditionally dominated by male leadership.

Leading the team is General Manager Amanda Parsons, a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in an industry where she has, more often than not, been one of the few women in the room. Parsons, alongside Director of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marquis and Director of Human Resources Monica Gonzalez, will steer the Sandbourne Santa Monica towards unparalleled success.

Commitment to diversity and community engagement

The Sandbourne Santa Monica’s all-female leadership team is more than a reflection of its commitment to gender equality and diversity. It also signifies a deeper dedication to community engagement—one that goes beyond the hotel’s luxurious walls. The team has begun reaching out to local businesses and organizations to foster relationships and help make a positive impact on the Santa Monica community.

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Amanda Parsons, Michelle Marquis, and Monica Gonzalez are determined to use their roles to initiate change not just within the hotel, but also within the Santa Monica community and the broader hospitality industry. They strive to inspire other women and girls by showing that yes, they too can secure leadership roles in a male-dominated industry.

Their commitment is a testament to the transformative power of travel. Not just in the experiences it provides to us as travelers, but also in the positive change it can bring to communities worldwide. By staying at places like the Sandbourne Santa Monica, we get to be part of that change. We contribute towards a more inclusive and equitable travel industry.

As we step into the latest chapter in our travel experiences, let’s celebrate the strides taken by forward-thinking establishments like the Sandbourne Santa Monica. By promoting diversity and committing to community engagement, we’re not just exploring new locales—we’re also supporting the positive change that travel can bring. So, why not make your next destination the Sandbourne Santa Monica and experience a city’s rich culture, while also supporting a property that actively chooses to make a difference.

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