Celebrating 200 years of tradition and luxury: the bicentennial milestone of the iconic Shelbourne Dublin hotel

Celebrating 200 years of tradition and luxury: the bicentennial milestone of the iconic Shelbourne Dublin hotel

Established in the early 19th century, The Shelbourne Dublin, a Renaissance Hotel, has become a significant landmark and icon of Ireland’s rich history. Over the past two centuries, the Shelbourne has hosted notable guests, events, and even served as a backdrop for literary classics. This year, it proudly celebrates its 200th anniversary and to mark this notable milestone, the Shelbourne has introduced new offerings that represent the perfect blend of traditional refinement and modern luxury. With this occasion, it offers a unique opportunity to peek into the past and appreciate the captivating history that has shaped the Shelbourne.

A walk down memory lane

The Shelbourne Dublin, tucked away in the heart of the city, is more than just a luxury hotel. From the moment you step through those grand doors, you are transported back to a bygone era. The hotel’s architecture, furnishings, and staff deliver an authentic experience that extends beyond your stay. In celebration of its bicentennial anniversary, the hotel is offering a new package, “A Night to Remember”. This opulent package includes a personalized tour of the hotel’s 265-year-old wine vaults alongside the sommelier, followed by a specially paired four-course dinner.

The legacy of the Shelbourne

The Shelbourne has always offered an experience rooted in historical charm and elegance. Over the years, this iconic hotel has hosted a variety of notable figures from the arts, politics and literature, and still maintains a particular affinity for Irish culture. In 1922, the Irish constitution was drafted within the walls of The Constitution Room, a seminal moment in Irish history, which is forever entwined with the iconic status of the Shelbourne. As part of the 200-year celebration, guests are invited to visit this historic room where the constitution was drafted.

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Extravagant indulgence

As part of the 200th-anniversary celebration, the Shelbourne has also introduced exclusive dining offers and cooking masterclasses. At these masterclasses, guests can learn how to prepare some of the hotel’s signature dishes by its esteemed culinary team, offering a delightful mix of learning and indulgence. Revel in the bespoke cocktails, designed specifically for this bicentennial celebration, which perfectly embody the hotel’s charm and sophistication.

The story continues…

Even after 200 years, the Shelbourne shows no signs of slowing down. With an eye towards the future, plans have been laid out for an impressive refurbishment project to restore and enhance its unique historical elements. This includes the restoration of the opulent Princess Grace suite, named after the Hollywood actress turned Princess who was one of the hotel’s famous patrons.

This bicentennial anniversary serves as a testament to the Shelbourne’s unyielding commitment to maintaining its standing as one of Ireland’s finest luxury hotels. As the Shelbourne lids on to another chapter in its exciting journey, it invites you to not only witness history in making but to be part of the continuing story.

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