Firsthand experience of the new sustainable luxury at Ruby Lotti Hotel in Dublin

Firsthand experience of the new sustainable luxury at Ruby Lotti Hotel in Dublin

Experiencing Ruby Hotels’ new venture in Ireland

With the exciting arrival of Ruby Hotels in Ireland, the hospitality scene has received a huge boost. The debut of the Ruby Lotti Hotel in Connolly Quarters, Dublin, is truly a sight to behold and a welcome addition to the country’s diverse hospitality options. Ruby Lotti’s tale began in Hamburg, Germany, where the brand’s maiden hotel was established. Abiding by the tradition of naming hotels after compelling women in history, each Ruby Hotel carries a unique name, symbolizing distinct characteristics and values.

Ruby Lotti, an iconic figure in herself, led an interesting life, full of alternative views, eccentric style and adventures. Her lifestyle was characterized by a distinctive blend of cultural experiences and inherent rebellion. This truly mirrors the experience at the Ruby Lotti Hotel in Dublin, where guests are treated to an ‘effortless luxury’, thanks to the brand’s Lean Luxury philosophy. The Dublin chapter of Ruby Hotels brings with it 300 cutting-edge rooms, a stylish 24-hour bar & café, and public workstations. This blend of luxury, modern amenities and charm have been combined at a value-conscious price, a strong selling point enabling the property to stand out in the bustling Dublin market.

Exploring Ruby Lotti’s environmental benchmarks

Setting inspirational environmental standards, Ruby Hotels deserve a mention for their sustainability practices. All Ruby Hotels, including the latest offering in Dublin, are built following the principles of the group’s Lean Luxury philosophy. This approach reduces property and operating costs while maintaining a high level of comfort and style. Efforts to reduce energy consumption include using state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology, which consumes minimal energy. Another interesting touch is the usage of specially designed extra-long beds, sourced from natural, untreated materials.

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It’s worth mentioning that they’ve also stayed loyal to their mantra of incorporating local culture into the design. Partnering with local artists, they’ve created inspiring artworks reflective of the city’s cultural heritage. This holistic approach blends beautifully with Ruby Hotels’ commitment towards providing an experience that is high on luxury, without impacting the environment unnecessarily.

It is this unified and thoughtful approach that sets Ruby Hotels, and specifically the new Ruby Lotti Dublin, apart in the thriving metropolis. The authenticity of the brand’s identity fuses so seamlessly with their dedication towards ethical and sustainable practices. This inspires guests to enjoy their creature comforts in a mindful way, engaging with the city’s history whilst also giving back, ensuring their stay is a responsible one.

So, the next time you find yourself yearning for a getaway that blends culture, luxury, and sustainability, look no further than Ruby Hotels’ latest gem – The Ruby Lotti Hotel in Dublin. Embark on a journey which not only enhances your understanding of the city’s rich heritage, but also allows you to indulge in the Lean Luxury, with an added bonus of enjoying your stay guilt-free. Here’s to happy, sustainable travels!

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