Celestial and crystal cruises make waves with new adventures at sea

Celestial and crystal cruises make waves with new adventures at sea

Embarking on a thrilling sea adventure has always been an exhilarating prospect for many. This time, we are privy to the latest and most exciting news to come out from the world of cruising. Let’s dive right in and set sails aboard these new experiences that guarantee a world far from the ordinary!

Celestyal Cruises kickstart operations in Adriatic sea

After a long pause due to the pandemic, Celestyal Cruises have finally resumed operations in the Adriatic Sea. This long-awaited come back with “Experience”, their new medium-sized vessel allows an immersive and intimate cruising experience reminiscent of pre-pandemic days. Celestyal Cruises are renowned for their focus on culture-driven cruising, enabling guests to discover and explore different cultures while relishing all that a cruise has to offer. The newly launched Experience offers guests an amalgamation of authentic local experiences, curated shore excursions, and a taste of local cuisine. This is indeed a great way to venture into the rich tapestry of Mediterranean history and culture!

Crystal Cruises and their ambitious 2023 world cruise plans

Crystal Cruises has brought its “A-Game” with the newly announced 2023 World Cruise. Taking a leap from traditional cruising paths, Crystal Cruises has introduced two distinct World Cruises, 140 and 128 days each. These cruises, named “Expedition of Discovery” and “Exotic Isles & Ancient Wonders”, respectively, offer unique itineraries to discover lesser-known parts of the world.

Expedition of Discovery, promised to offer an entirely new experience for cruisers, will be the first-ever expedition World Cruise, navigating to Antarctica and the Ross Sea. The Exotic Isles & Ancient Wonders is equally thrilling with destinations spanning Tahiti, Darwin, Komodo Island, Semarang among others. Crystal Cruises are shaping the narrative in impressing upon the importance of cultural immersion with these creative and intriguing itineraries.

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Star Clippers celebrate returning to Antigua

Last but not least, Star Clippers, known for their beautiful and romantic tall ships, celebrated the return to Antigua after more than a year. The Royal Clipper, the flagship of Star Clippers made a grand comeback while demonstrating its commitment to the Caribbean region as a sought-after cruising locale.

In the world of cruises, change and innovation are truly the only constants. Whether it’s Celestyal Cruises tailoring culture-rich experiences in the Adriatic Sea, Crystal Cruises changing the game with their 2023 World Cruise itineraries, or Star Clippers expressing their commitment to the Caribbean region with a grand return, the cruise industry continues to shape the landscape of travel. These significant developments leave us with bated breath, intrigued about the adventures that await us on the open seas.

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