Creating budget-friendly, bird-friendly DIY water features for your garden

Creating budget-friendly, bird-friendly DIY water features for your garden

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to walk you through an interesting DIY project that not only spruces up your backyard but also creates a little oasis for our flying friends – birds. Water features can give your garden an attractive, tranquil feel whilst also inviting a variety of wildlife into your space. And you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets because, with a little creativity and some recycling, you can make one yourself!

DIY water features that attract birds

There are numerous simple DIY water features that are bird-friendly and add a touch of elegance to your backyard. One of them is a ceramic planter fountain. Ceramic planters are budget-friendly, and their versatility in terms of sizes and designs makes them an excellent choice for such a project.

This bird-friendly feature is simple to create. Just select two or three varying sized ceramic planters. Make sure they have drainage holes. Place a small garden fountain pump into the largest planter, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill it up with water and arrange the other smaller pots on top, creating a beautiful tiered water feature. Plug the pump in and watch as water starts to trickle from one level to the other. Birds will undoubtedly be drawn to this mini oasis in your backyard!

Ensuring water safety for birds

Making sure that your DIY water feature is safe for winged visitors is also crucial. To do this, make sure that there are shallow areas in the water feature that allow birds to roost without fear of falling into deep water. Also, take note to keep your water feature clean, as stagnant water can result in the accumulation of harmful bacteria. Regularly refreshing the water and scrubbing the surfaces can keep the water feature safe for all.

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Talking of water safety, consider employing a low voltage pump for your water feature. These pumps are safer around children and pets, and are also more energy-efficient. They are perfect for small to medium-sized water features and are relatively easy to install.

Sustainable options for your water feature

As much as we want our water features to be functional and aesthetic, it’s also necessary to consider sustainable options. One way to do this is by collecting and using rainwater in your water feature. It’s completely free and using rainwater reduces the pressure on our water supply. You can use a simple rain barrel to collect rainfall and use it for your feature.

Another eco-friendly option is solar power to run your water feature. Solar-powered pumps are now available and reduce the energy consumption of your yard feature. They are easy to install and maintain.


There’s unparalleled charm in having a water feature in your backyard, more so one that you craft yourself. And the beauty of it all is that these DIY water features not only add an aesthetic touch but also contribute to the local ecosystem. They provide a sanctuary for birds, a crucial part of the biodiversity in your community. Build yours today and watch as your yard transforms into a welcoming oasis for avian visitors.

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