Embark on a luxury yacht cruise and Italian tour with Riviera River Cruises in 2025

Embark on a luxury yacht cruise and Italian tour with Riviera River Cruises in 2025

Attention adventurers, cruising enthusiasts, and travel lovers! There’s exciting news you wouldn’t want to miss. Riviera River Cruises is adding an intriguing, exciting offer for the year 2025. Imagine smoothly cruising along the Mediterranean sea, exploring diverse cultures, cuisines, local attractions, and living an overall unforgettable experience. And better yet, it’s coming with an equally captivating tour.

Riviera River Cruises’ new addition

Riviera River Cruises, known for their luxurious and immersive river journeys, recently unveiled their upcoming offering – a unique yacht cruise and tour for 2025. The new offering includes a cruise on the Adriatic sea aboard their exclusively chartered yacht, Queen Eleganza, followed by an overland tour of Italy, encompassing several bucket-list destinations.

Guests can look forward to exploring charming coastal towns, historic cities, and tranquil islands, all while indulging in local gastronomy and experiencing the vibrant culture of the Mediterranean region. A highlight of the journey will be the exploration of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Known internationally as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it promises stunning cliffside views and enchanting coastal towns such as Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi herself.

The unique appeal of Riviera’s yacht cruises

The yacht cruises offered by Riviera are touted for their intimate, luxurious setting. The Queen Eleganza, chartered for the 2025 cruise, accommodates only 34 guests, offering a boutique cruising experience.

This limited capacity not only offers a high degree of privacy and comfort but also allows the yacht to navigate smaller beings, allowing for a unique exploration of the secluded bays, islands, and harbors inaccessible to larger ships.

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Onboard the Queen Eleganza, guests will be treated to a combination of classic style and modern amenities. A spacious sundeck, refreshing jacuzzi, and notably, a backlit bar, promise a relaxed, leisurely cruise experience. In addition, guests will have access to an onboard local guide, providing invaluable insight and information about the destinations.

Booking and availability

Riviera River Cruises’ new yacht cruise and tour will be available for booking in late 2024, with further details to be announced in the coming months. With limited capacity and high demand anticipated, early booking is certainly advised to secure your place in this epic adventure.

So pack your bags, prepare your adventurous spirit and brace yourself for an unforgettable journey across the beautiful Mediterranean. It’s time to experience the joys of coastal cruising while immersing yourself in the authentic culture, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean region. This extraordinary opportunity is far more than your average holiday; it’s a chance to explore lesser-known gems and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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