Ennismore unleashes a luxurious experience in Budapest with new SO/ brand expansion

Ennismore unleashes a luxurious experience in Budapest with new SO/ brand expansion

Unveiling the charm of Budapest with the new So/ brand

Steeped in history and brimming with architectural grandeur, Budapest has always been a city that enthralls and captures the curiosity of the adventurous traveler. The captivating charm of Hungary’s capital is about to receive a considerable boost, courtesy of a thrilling new development.

Global hospitality brand, Ennismore, has recently expanded its So/ brand with a new signing in Budapest. This expansion not only marks a significant step forward for the company but also heralds a fresh, luxuriant experience for travelers venturing to this captivating city.

The So/ brand and what it represents

As a masterpiece of the Ennismore’s portfolio, the So/ brand boasts a distinctive and vibrant personality. Every So/ property functions as a couture hotel, showcasing a rebellious version of luxury that’s deeply rooted in the unique character of the locations they inhabit.

The individuality extends beyond the aesthetics, seeping into the overall experience, turning every stay into an immersive journey steeped in the local flavor. Brilliantly blending design, gastronomy and local experiences, So/ hotels become holistic entities that embed themselves in the rhythm of the cities they grace.

Details about the new So/ Budapest project

The new So/ Budapest is said to reside in a prime location. This remarkable project, scheduled to open its doors in 2023, will include 76 guest rooms and suites. Occupying the illustrious Dorottya Palace, a historical building dating back to the 18th century, So/ Budapest is set to carve another impressive notch in the city’s luxury hotel offerings.

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A sneak peek into what awaits travelers

Future travelers can anticipate a vibe that fuses the traditional luxury with a dash of unexpected intrigue. One of the crucial highlights is the panoramic Shard rooftop, offering captivating views over the cityscape.

The hotel also plans to introduce a new restaurant concept that pushes the boundaries of gastronomy. Additionally, visitors will have access to a wellness area and a fitness center, ideal for those seeking a luxurious escape with a touch of health and wellness.

Blissful journeys demand equally stunning accompaniments. The So/ brand’s new Budapest venture, in its vibrant defiance of traditional luxury, offers an experience that carefully merges history, culture, and modernity into a delightful symphony, promising an unforgettable escapade in the heart of Hungary’s capital.

Budapest’s magnetic charm draws travelers into its cultural depths, architectural majesty, and vibrant lifestyle. The new So/ Budapest is poised to enhance this allure, leading visitors on a magical exploration journey that remains unforgettable long after the return voyage. It illuminates the ‘So Budapest’ experience, vividly painting a picture of the city as a canvas of cultural richness.

Beyond the radiant lure of this picturesque city, it’s the innovative ventures like the So/ Budapest that keep redefining travel experiences. After all, traveling is not just about checking places off a list; it’s about immersing oneself in the essence of the destination, living its stories, tasting its flavors, and relishing its unique rhythm. The So/ brand, with its unconventional approach to luxury, turns ordinary trips into unforgettable chapters of adventure. Discover, explore, immerse, and let travel transform you.

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