Unveiling Hoxton Scandinavia a blend of luxury and sustainability in Stockholm’s hotel scene

Unveiling Hoxton Scandinavia a blend of luxury and sustainability in Stockholm's hotel scene

Welcome to the world of unique and off-the-beaten-path travel experiences. Today we’ll pull back the curtain on Ennismore’s latest venture, Hoxton Scandinavia – a brand new expansion of the global hotel empire on Nordic territory. Designed as a luxurious blend of community vibes and serene landscapes, Hoxton Scandinavia is a shining example of Ennismore’s commitment to quality, comfort, and discovery.

A fresh twist on Scandinavian luxury

Opened within Stockholm’s vibrant urban center, the Hoxton Scandinavia draws a clear portrait of the contemporaneity infused with elements of traditional Scandinavian design. The heart of the city itself, Hoxton Scandinavia, illuminates a tale of a city reinventing itself while staying true to its roots. Using locally-sourced materials and incorporating aesthetics ranging from homely to gastronomic, the hotel offers a balanced mix of comfort, style, and luxury.

The hotel’s 143 rooms vary in size, each echoing elements of modern Scandinavian design and luxury. Oversized windows and daylight-filled spaces harmoniously meet up with Nordic-minimalist furniture and decor, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere that truly represents the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Environmental consciousness at its core

In the pursuit of sustainable travel practices, Ennismore’s Hoxton Scandinavia makes a significant statement. The hotel lends itself to the growing global movement of ecological sustainability by incorporating various eco-conscious design elements and practices. From energy-efficient lighting to locally produced cuisine, Hoxton Scandinavia is proving its commitment to mitigating tourism’s adverse impacts on the environment.

Constantly striving for a holistic, sustainable approach to its operations, the hotel emphasizes the use of locally sourced, organic food in its restaurant. Its menu gives center-stage to locally grown, organic produce, with a firm belief that food tastes best when it is locally sourced and sustainability-grounded. A step further in this endeavor is its exclusion of single-use plastic in its daily operations.

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On-site rooftop garden

The hotel pushes the boundaries of sustainability with its on-site rooftop garden. Adopting urban farming, it not only reduces the food’s carbon footprint but also serves as an educational tool for guests to engage with and learn about sustainable farming. Fresh ingredients from this garden make their way to the hotel’s dishes, symbolizing the property’s commitment to fresh, organic, and local food.

As we immerse ourselves in what Hoxton Scandinavia has to offer, it is clear that this hotel has been conceived with a strong emphasis on sustainability, luxury, and a high regard for Scandinavian culture and aesthetics. Offering much more than just a place to sleep, Hoxton Scandinavia challenges our perceptions of hospitality and nudges us to expect more from our travel experiences.

Traveling responsibly means considering not only where we go, but also where we stay and how our choices impact the world around us. A hotel like Hoxton Scandinavia, deeply rooted in the principles of responsible tourism, not only enriches our travel experience but also leaves a smaller footprint on our beautiful planet.

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