Experience ultimate luxury at the awaited domes resort on Athens Riviera, opening 2024

Experience ultimate luxury at the awaited domes resort on Athens Riviera, opening 2024

Immerse in the luxury of the Athens Riviera at the upcoming Domes Resort

Very soon, Greece will herald a brand new luxury hospitality chapter with the inauguration of the illustrious Domes resort. Situated on 91 Athens Riviera, the mesmerizing Domes resort is slated to open its grand doors in June 2024. The Athens Riviera, which is well-known for its azure blue waters and palm-filled promenades, will further accentuate its charm with the highly anticipated Domes Resort. This upcoming luxury resort has already stirred up quite a sensation in the global travel community and is lauded as a haven for both ardent luxury seekers and nature enthusiasts.

The design and amenities of Domes Resort

The Domes resort, a real masterwork of architectural brilliance, is conceptualized to seamlessly merge with the beautiful natural assets of the Athens Riviera. The distinctively constructed dome-style elements of the resort seem to mirror the undulating waves of the soothing Aegean Sea. The resort encompasses around 300 rooms and suites, each plush with modern furnishing and tastefully adorned with the elegance of Greek aesthetics. Amidst these, it also boasts 60 luxury residences which provide an enhanced and more private hospitality experience to the guests.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing rooms and suites, the Domes resort value-adds to its guest’s journey by providing a wealth of onsite amenities. The resort is equipped with nine specialty restaurants, each catering to different culinary preferences. There are a myriad of pools, eight bars, conference halls and even a dedicated kids’ zone to ensure that the stay is delightful for visitors of all ages.

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The enriching experience at the Athens Riviera

Apart from world-class hospitality at the Domes resort, guests will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant life of the Athens Riviera. This coastal area, stretching from the southern suburbs of the Greek capital all the way to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, is replete with sophisticated restaurants and trendy beach clubs.

Visitors will be able to stroll along the picturesque coast flanked by Palm trees, under an assertive but mildly warm Mediterranean sun. The way the golden sands lightly contrast with the surrounding azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea is nothing short of a visual treat for travellers. Athens Riviera is a beautiful destination, offering everything you could possibly want from a Greek holiday.

All in all, the Domes resort coupled with the attractions of the Athens Riviera indeed presents a reciprocal dart game of luxury and simplicity, tradition and modernity. This upcoming resort will certainly augment the list of offerings from the Athens Riviera, which is already popular worldwide for its mesmerizing beaches, elegant eateries, and a pulsating nightlife. So, mark your calendars for June 2024 and get ready for an enriching Greek getaway like never before!

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