Luxurious and sustainable: unveiling the new glamping experience at Domes Resorts in Athens

Luxurious and sustainable: unveiling the new glamping experience at Domes Resorts in Athens

Domes Resorts: The new glamping experience in Athens

Imagine glamping in Greece. Those longing for a unique retreat have a reason to delight – Domes Resorts, renowned for their luxurious properties across Greece, have introduced a new glamping experience on the stunning Athens Riviera.

The exceptional ’91 Athena Glamping’ setup by Domes features 16 contemporary bell tents draped in soft cotton canvas. Complete with a queen-size bed, superlative linens, and air conditioning, these blend comfort with the raw authenticity of nature. Scarlett-hued pillows and subtle marine touches echo Greece’s nautical past, while a private wooden deck beneath each tent allows visitors to revel in the captivating sunsets of the Athens Riviera.

The experience doesn’t stop there. Domes goes an extra mile in ensuring a full-fledged, immersive cultural spectacle through the provision of personalized concierge services and various activities. The aromatic Greek cooking classes and the spellbinding fishing trips are a feast for authentic souls, while the more high call for a private yacht cruise should be too hard to resist.

The unforgettable allure of ’91

Named after the Postal Code where it is situated, the ’91’ in ’91 Athena Glamping’ attests to Domes’ commitment to highlighting the locality’s spirit and vibrant energy. The idyllic campsite lies adjacent to OnBlue Saronida, a property also managed by Domes Resorts. The resort’s guests receive a complimentary access to the glamping site, giving them a blended taste of Athens’ cultural richness and its spellbinding natural beauty.

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Embracing sustainable tourism

Domes’ innovative approach, amalgamating luxury with the raw appeal of nature, holds an important message of sustainability. The entire glamping setup, from construction to decoration, constitutes organic and recycled materials, underscoring Domes’ continued commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.

Beyond the beautiful aesthetics, care is also taken in integrating the property sensitively into the local ecosystem. This commitment to sustainability extends even to the gastronomy offered, with meals prepared using local and organic produce to support local suppliers and reduce carbon emissions.

The subtle embrace of sustainable practices doesn’t undermine the luxury in any way. Even with an aesthetic and ethical appeal, Domes’ Athens Riviera campsite ensures that comfort isn’t compromised. The result is a travel experience that is poised to inspire guests to rethink their habits and effect positive change through their choices – a real win-win.

In embracing this unique glamping experience, you don’t only indulge in the thrills of a luxurious retreat. Instead, it offers the chance to contribute towards the important cause of sustainable tourism and add a meaningful layer to your travel story.

As you explore the superior blend of luxury, culture, and sustainability that Domes Resorts offers on the Athens Riviera, remember that the true spirit of travel lies in embracing new experiences and sharing them. In doing so, you become not just an observer but an active participant in this beautiful world of ours.

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