Explore Florida’s charm with Moxy Hotels’ new locations in Miami South Beach and Jacksonville

Explore Florida's charm with Moxy Hotels' new locations in Miami South Beach and Jacksonville

As a seasoned traveler, I am excited to share the news about the opening of two new hotel locations in the picturesque state of Florida. These thrilling additions to the travel world are the latest launches by Moxy Hotels, a noted brand under Marriott International’s portfolio. Allow me to walk you through the immersive experiences on offer at these highly anticipated establishments.

Moxy Miami South Beach dive in the energetic vibe

The first opening, Moxy Miami South Beach, is an eight-story seafront property that is all set to infuse the vibrant Miami culture into its guest experience. Should you opt to stay here, you will find yourself surrounded by the region’s energetic ambiance, all the while enjoying a chic, contemporary stay.

The hotel offers 202 rooms, each evoking a beach-house vibe with subtle nuances in the form of bright, airy layouts and local art adorning the walls. Taking it further up the notch is its exceptional dining experience, offering both local and international cuisines, enabling you to savor the culinary delights without stepping out.

A dive in culture and entertainment

True to Miami’s energetic spirit, Moxy Miami South Beach also offers numerous amenities to its guests. With a rooftop pool offering stunning sea views, an outdoor movie screening area, and a custom scent reminiscent of the local sea and citrus, you’re bound to have an unforgettable stay.

Moxy Jacksonville, witness the historical charm

Next up is Moxy Jacksonville, set to launch in the historic district of Avondale. This exceptional property is imbued with a dynamic blend of history, luxury, and Southern hospitality. The building captivates with its industrial chic aesthetic that echoes the district’s rich history.

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Experience laid-back luxury

In contrast to the lively atmosphere of its South Beach sibling, Moxy Jacksonville prides itself on offering a laid-back, tech-driven experience. Each of the hotel’s 100 rooms comes equipped with high-speed internet and smart TVs, among other amenities, ensuring a seamless experience for the modern traveler.

Complementing this is the hotel’s signature bar that serves as the check-in area, where guests are greeted with a complimentary ‘Got Moxy’ cocktail. Certainly, an intriguing way to start your stay!

The enchanting charm of these new Moxy Hotels in Miami South Beach and Jacksonville provides a unique opportunity to explore Florida’s diverse cultural landscape. They personify the state’s contrasting energy, offering a unique experience to every traveler. Whether you’re looking to indulge in the lively South Beach buzz or prefer the laid-back charm of historic Avondale, Moxy’s latest offerings in Florida are ready to accommodate your travel cravings and offer you unforgettable memories.

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