Exploring the rise and benefits of all-inclusive retreats: Wyndham and Decameron partnership

Exploring the rise and benefits of all-inclusive retreats: Wyndham and Decameron partnership

The expanding world of all-inclusive retreats

Travel, cultural immersion, and leisure all come together beautifully in all-inclusive travel offerings which have been on a consistent rise around the globe. Demand for all-inclusive resorts, characterized by their convenience and the luxury of having one’s travel, lodging, food, and entertainment needs taken care of in an upfront payment, has skyrocketed, particularly in vacation hotspots like the Caribbean. A major development on this front is the recent collaboration between hotel giants – Wyndham Hotel Group, and Decameron Hotels & Resorts.

Partnership investing in all-inclusive concepts

In a move that promises to expand the scale and reach of all-inclusive offerings, Wyndham Hotel Group, a leading provider of hotel management services, and Decameron Hotels & Resorts, renowned for their collection of leisure-oriented hotels, have teamed up. This alliance combines the operational prowess of Wyndham, which operates more than 7,600 hotels around the world, with Decameron’s expertise in the all-inclusive segment, bringing in fresh prospects for travelers.

What the alliance entails

The partnership will usher in an era of new opportunities for both companies and travelers alike. Wyndham will bring Decameron’s all-inclusive venues into its impressive portfolio under the ‘Wyndham Alltra Collection’ brand, thereby incorporating these unique, experiential properties into its network and offering customers more choice and freedom in their travel pursuits.

Simultaneously, Decameron will tap into Wyndham’s extensive distribution and loyalty system, providing its guests access to the Wyndham Rewards loyalty program. This symbiotic relationship has the potential to introduce both brands to new markets while also diversifying and enhancing offerings for their large customer base.

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Benefits for the sustainable traveler

As we delve deeper into this strategic partnership, it becomes apparent that it’s not just about expanding and diversifying – it has a sustainable angle too. The all-inclusive model, by virtue of its design, often supports local economies as resorts source local products and materials. Since this also lessens the environmental impact of transportation, the model inherently aligns with sustainable travel practices.

Not to mention, these resorts also provide employment opportunities to local communities, supporting not just economic but social sustainability too. So, while guests revel in the convenience and luxury of all-inclusive resorts, they are also making a positive impact, making this model a win-win for the sustainable travel community.

As I delve deeper into the intriguing plethora of experiences that our world has to offer, it delights me to witness the evolution of the all-inclusive model. With strategic partnerships like Wyndham and Decameron leading the way, it is evident that our future travel plans might involve a lot less stress and a lot more luxury, without compromising the commitment to sustainability. Here’s to new adventures and sustainable explorations!

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