Santorini’s luxury hotel landscape transformed by Santo Collection’s grand foray

Santorini's luxury hotel landscape transformed by Santo Collection's grand foray

There’s a shimmering melodrama caught in the gentle curves of Santorini’s whitewashed buildings, its cobalt blue rooftops speaking in harmony with the surrounding Aegean Sea. Now, this Greek gem is about to dazzle even more, with the Santo Collection making its grand entry into the island’s luxury hotel landscape.

The Santo Collection’s foray into luxury

The scintillating brand of the Santo Collection has been making waves across the Greek islands with an impressive line-up of luxury properties that redefine opulence and elegance. And it’s about to make a grander splash. The Santo Collection is set to premiere its latest ventures – three new properties in the bewitching island of Santorini.

The proposed hotels – Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa, Mystique, A Luxury Collection Hotel and Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort – will enhance Santorini’s touristic appeal, offering holidaymakers a new level of indulgence. Combining traditional Cycladic architecture with the raw beauty of natural materials, these hotels promise to offer endless horizons of stunning Santorini sunsets from their unrivaled vantage points.

Delving into the specifics

Each property carries a distinct character, meticulously shaped to cater to the varying needs, tastes, and desires of luxury-seeking guests.

Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa proposes 57 suites and villas complemented by five outdoor heated swimming pools. Adjacent to the picturesque Oia village, it offers prime accessibility to one of Greece’s most famous sunset views, making each stay a magical experience.

Mystique, nestled among vineyards and cliffs, offers 41 suites and villas as well as two restaurants. Embracing privacy and seclusion, this property is perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquility amidst jaw-dropping natural beauty.

Vedema, enveloped by medieval architecture, proposes 45 villas and suites along with a 400-year-old wine cellar. The resort embodies rustic charm and quiet simplicity, creating an intimate and peaceful atmosphere where one can unwind and reconnect with the self amidst the swirling beauty of antiquity.

The introduction of these new properties by the Santo Collection deeply affirms Santorini’s global standing as a premier luxury travel destination. The convergence of captivating settings, unparalleled service, and local authenticity will provide guests a living canvas where they can sketch out memories informed by comfort, luxury, and the enchanting aura of Santorini.

The steps of this initiative may be currently echoing down the cobblestone alleys of Santorini, but its reverberations are expected to resonate worldwide. The Santo Collection’s endeavor not only elevates Greek tourism on the world stage, but also, in this era of transformative travel, brings an opportunity for discerning travelers to form intimate connections with the destination, experiencing its energy, charm, and essence in every fiber of their stay.

This exciting leap into the realm of luxury makes one thing clear: in Santorini, the journey is the destination. And with these new offerings from the Santo Collection, that journey is guaranteed to be nothing short of memorable, immersive, and dripping in luxury.

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