Tauck unveils exciting 2025 cruise plans: epic French voyages and Arctic adventures await

Tauck unveils exciting 2025 cruise plans: epic French voyages and Arctic adventures await

Thrilling news for all cruise enthusiasts and avid travelers, Tauck, the prestigious tour operator, has disclosed their intriguing 2025 cruising plans. Taken from a recent announcement, this article delves into the voyage details and highlights the compelling experiences to expect on board their fleet.

Exceptional river cruising with Tauck

Founded in 1925, Tauck is a Connecticut based company renowned for crafting unique and immersive travel experiences. As we step into their centennial year, the organization has decided to revolutionize their river cruising plans.

Starting in 2025, Tauck will be launching a promising seven-night cruise along the Canal du Midi in the southwest of France. From exploring the medieval city of Carcassonne to enjoying an exclusive dinner at an authentic Chateau – brace yourselves for an unforgettable French voyage.

Selections onboard the MS Sapphire include a canal cruise sailing from Toulouse to Sete. Along the route, there will be in-depth sightseeing and guided adventures, including tasting local oysters, sampling regional wines, and visiting a working French farm.

In addition, Tauck has plans to shift the MS Emerald ship from the Rhone River and reposition it on the Seine River. The 14-night trip will start from London to Paris, filling your travelogue with cherished memories of two of the most resplendent cities in the world.

Expanding ocean cruises

The noteworthy announcement from Tauck includes exclusive plans for ocean cruising as well. Throughout the early to mid-2025, there will be a refined focus on the Arctic regions, with visits to the awe-striking Spitsbergen Archipelago, tentatively named as “Arctic Allure: Spitsbergen and the Midnight Sun”.

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The intriguing 11-night journey begins and ends in Oslo, offering you an extensive experience covering Norway’s extensive fjord coastline and the rugged terrain of the Svalbard Islands. Exploring arctic wildlife, navigating through pristine icebergs, and experiencing the mesmerizing midnight sun are just a few key highlights of this adventure.

Furthermore, Tauck is broadening its Baltic Sea sailings with a new itinerary between Copenhagen and Stockholm, the lively capitals of Denmark and Sweden respectively. Embrace the opportunity to explore these vivid nations and their compelling history, coupled with an enhanced tour of St. Petersburg in Russia.

In conclusion, Tauck’s expanded offerings for 2025 bring you a new way to experience the world, solidifying its reputation as one of the most innovative travel companies in the industry. It provides a blend of immersive cultural experiences and sustainable travel practices, encouraging travelers to follow in Tauck’s footsteps to explore the world. Start planning your 2025 travel diaries right away!

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