Transform your empty ice cream tubs into sustainable creations

Transform your empty ice cream tubs into sustainable creations

Introducing the excitement of reusing your empty ice cream tubs! Does your freezer seem to harbour a growing collection of empty ice cream tubs? Are you wondering what to do with them? Fear not! Our love for ice cream doesn’t have to lead to a pile of wasted plastic. These colorful containers can be brimming with possibilities, if only we invite our creativity to step in and reimagine their potential.

Whether it’s a neat storage solution, fun DIY projects, or a tool for sustainable gardening, ice cream tubs can become versatile, eco-friendly items that serve us long after the last scoop of our favourite dessert.

Repurpose for creative and organising purposes

Declutter with style

The myriad sizes and shapes of ice cream tubs make them an effective option for battling clutter around the house. From corralling spare batteries, keys, or crafting supplies, these containers can contribute to a cleaner and neater home.

Throw a splash of color with DIY decoupage

To transform the tubs into attractive home accents, try your hand at decoupage. You can simply cover the tubs with fun patterns or colored papers using regular white glue. When dry, add a coating of clear lacquer to make the tubs water-resistant and glossy. It’s an ideal way to add a personalized touch.

Plant a seed of sustainability

DIY hanging basket

Why not rethink how your green space looks? The durability and size of tubs make them perfect for becoming DIY hanging planters. Puncture a few holes in the bottom for drainage, hang them with sturdy ropes, and fill them with your preferred flowers, herbs or trailing plants. This innovative approach will give your home or garden a unique aesthetic.

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Consider composting

If you’ve been contemplating embarking on the composting journey, an ice cream tub can be a great place to start. By cutting a hole in the lid and tying a piece of cloth securely over it, you will have a small, convenient compost bin that breathes but doesn’t smell. This nifty practice can be a useful small step towards adopting an ecologically sound lifestyle.

Night after night, as we dive spoon first into our preferred tubs, we rarely consider these containers as anything more than temporary placeholders. Yet, with a bit of imagination, we can see unlimited potential. Turning emptied ice cream tubs into practical, decorative, or garden-friendly solutions can be a creative and satisfying journey. It not only sparks joy but advocates sustainable living, fostering a deep respect for reduction, reuse, and recycling. Why not give it a go next time you scoop out the last bit of ice cream? It is worth embracing the possibilities offered by these seemingly plain and disposable tubs. Remember, the joy of ice cream doesn’t have to end with the last spoonful.

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