Windstar cruises extends Sail Beyond Ordinary promotion for immersive yacht style voyages

Windstar cruises extends Sail Beyond Ordinary promotion for immersive yacht style voyages

As the first cool winds of autumn start to sweep across the globe, there’s no better time to think about escaping the cold for a bit by planning your upcoming sea getaway. Windstar Cruises is making it even easier to consider a cruise by extending their popular ‘Sail Beyond Ordinary’ promotion. This program break the conventional mold of oceanic journeys by enhancing them with a series of outstanding features.

Breaking down the extension of Windstar’s ‘Sail Beyond Ordinary’ promotion

The cruise line Windstar announced the extension of its ‘Sail Beyond Ordinary’ promotion originally due to come to an end in September. Now, travelers have until November to take advantage of a generous 30% discount on over 550 ocean and yacht style voyages departing through 2023. This great promotion presents an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the timeless beauty, fascinating cultures, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes that these exotic locations offer.

Moreover, the promotion isn’t limited to the discounted cost. Every guest is gifted with up to a $1,000 shipboard credit, which they can utilize in an array of on-board services. This includes exclusive lifestyle amenities like fine dining experiences, spa services, and much more.

Exploring the windstar cruising experience

The extend promotion isn’t the only thing that makes Windstar special. They’re known for their intimate yacht style voyages that provide exclusive access to hidden coves and secluded spots – a stark contrast to the crowded ports often frequented by larger commercial cruise lines. This approach allows us to discover, respect, and enjoy the unique charm each destination offers, all while traveling respectfully and responsibly.

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The company maintains a small fleet of luxury ships, each catering to a maximum of 350 guests. This small number ensures personalized and dedicated service for all onboard and creates a cozy community vibe among fellow passengers. In fact, Windstar has been awarded for their commitment to providing exceptional service and unique sea adventures.

The Windstar experience works hard to immerse guests in the culture of their destinations. This includes regionally inspired cuisine prepared by expert chefs, locally guided tours, and a host of interactive on-deck events. In addition, all the ships are equipped with advanced navigation systems which grant the ability to access smaller ports and narrow waterways – hence enabling guests to explore offbeat and lesser-known jewels of the world.

Dreaming of tropical beaches, breathtaking seascapes, and the soft melody of the wind whipping through the ship’s sails? A Windstar cruise could very well be your entrée to the adventure you’ve been longing for. Everyone, regardless of age or travel style, can enjoy a Windstar cruise with its diverse itineraries and flexible travel plans. Experience the world differently, beyond the ordinary, with the wind whipping through your hair and the infinite sea at your doorstep. Plan your oceanic adventure and sail beyond ordinary.

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