Discovering Alaska’s hidden treasure: the new cruise destination – port of Klawock

Discovering Alaska's hidden treasure: the new cruise destination - port of Klawock

Imagine encompassing the pristine and untouched natural beauty of Alaska in an exciting trip. During your voyage, have you ever asked where your cruise ship is headed? It must be one of those well-known ports with an abundance of sightseers, right? Well, not anymore. Allow me to introduce you to the enthralling new cruise destination in Alaska – the Port of Klawock.

Port of Klawock – Alaska’s latest gem

Situated in the heart of Prince of Wales Island, the Port of Klawock is now officially ready to welcome the cruise ship guests into its splendid natural splendor. This new cruise port was inaugurated by the Island Princess on her voyage around southeast Alaska, marking a new chapter in Alaska’s thriving cruise industry.

Those who adore the wild adventures will be thrilled with the diverse range of outdoor activities, that Klawock has to offer. The port is considered a sport fishing paradise, being home to a rich assortment of fish species, such as Coho salmon and King salmon, as well as halibut. For the adventurous souls, there is more to discover including a remarkable opportunity to experience Alaska’s rich indigenous culture.

Diving into Klawock’s rich culture

Klawock’s history is rooted in the Tlingit tribe, making it a critical aspect of Alaska’s cultural tapestry. Visitors to this port city will be treated to an array of cultural experiences, from delving into traditional Tlingit carving methods, to participating in cooking demonstrations. The Klawock Totem Park, which boasts 21 totem poles standing as a testament to the rich history and artistry of the Tlingit tribe, definitely cannot be missed.

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Beyond culture, Klawock offers an abundance of wilderness experiences. There are nature trails where you can breathe in the crisp air and explore the mystical landscape of the Tongass National Forest. Or perhaps, bird watchers might spy a few rare species in their natural habitat. There’s something for everyone, making the Port of Klawock a truly unique and thrilling destination.

The Port of Klawock, being Alaska’s newest cruise destination, serves as a testament to the potential of off-the-beaten-path locations, showcasing both its cultural richness and breathtaking natural beauty. As we peel back the veil on this untapped destination, it’s hard not to get carried away by the enchanting charm of Alaska.

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