Unveiling the newest additions to the cruise industry: valdez port in Alaska and the high-tech terminal at port Canaveral

Unveiling the newest additions to the cruise industry: valdez port in Alaska and the high-tech terminal at port Canaveral

Do you hear that? It’s the irresistible call of the sea, whispering of new adventures just beyond the horizon. This week, I have exciting news to share with you from the world of cruise travel. Discover along with me the insider scoop about the new Alaska port and the spanking new terminal at Port Canaveral.

An inside peek into the new Alaska port

Alaska, with its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife, has always been a must-visit destination for cruise enthusiasts. Now, we have one more reason to set sail to the Last Frontier — a brand-new port destination. Viking, a renowned ocean cruising line, has introduced Valdez as a part of their 2023 “Alaska & the Inside Passage” itinerary.

What makes Valdez special?

Valdez, nicknamed ‘Little Switzerland’, is a charming coastal community nestled amongst striking mountains. It offers a myriad of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or showcase sport loving glacial kayaker, there’s something for everyone here. Journey along pristine trails, discover the antique Gold Rush structures, or dive deep into the local food culture — the choice is yours.

What the itinerary looks like

The eight-day excursion takes off from Vancouver, making its way to Valdez and other significant Alaskan sites. Apart from little Switzerland, travelers will visit the beautiful ports of Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, and Skagway. Ensure to bring your camera along because these places provide endless photo opportunities.

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A brand-new terminal at Port Canaveral

Continuing the streak of unveiling fresh destinations, the cruise world has one more surprise up its sleeve. Cruise line leader, Disney, has announced a transformation of its facilities at Port Canaveral with a brand-new terminal.

Why is this new terminal significant?

The new terminal is said to feature cutting-edge technology, bringing an enhanced experience for passengers. This advancement aligns brilliantly with Disney’s vision to deliver magical experiences, and will better equip the terminal to serve the increasingly large and technologically advanced vessels. Furthermore, this transformation will have an economic impact on the local community, creating jobs and bringing in millions in revenue.

The future of cruising also looks bright in Port Canaveral, with the discovery of a new port. Indeed, as Disney amplifies its presence in the region with a 20-year operating agreement, more passengers will be able to set sail and immerse themselves in the magical experiences Disney is known for.

Both the introduction of the new port in Alaska and the refurbishing of the terminal at Port Canaveral testifies to the growing vibrancy and dynamism in the cruise industry. Embarking on a voyage today is so much more than transport, it’s about the journey, the unique experiences you make along the way, and the lifelong memories you cherish. Whether you’re gazing upon glaciers in Alaska or feeling like a kid again at Port Canaveral, remember to travel consciously, carrying the world in your heart and leaving only footprints behind.

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