Ensemble travel group honors top performers in grand event at Roland-Garros stadium

Ensemble travel group honors top performers in grand event at Roland-Garros stadium

The excitement of the Ensemble

Last week, a unique event took place at Roland-Garros, one of the most historical and significant tennis venues in the world. It was not about the usual tennis tournament. Instead, it was an occasion to honor some of the travel industry’s best performers. Ensemble Travel Group, a premier member-owned global network of approximately 750 top-tier travel agencies, hosted the grand event. It was a special session that aimed not just to reward its top performers but also to motivate all Ensemble members to strive for excellence.

The event included many thrilling activities like touring the Roland-Garros Stadium, visiting the Player’s Village, and a unique opportunity to witness a live semi-final match was on the agenda. This fantastic event provided an exclusive experience for the Ensemble members who are accustomed to curating exceptional tour packages and memorable moments for their clients.

Ensemble’s philosophy and future

Ensemble Travel Group, established in 1968, has a long-standing belief in celebrating the achievements of its member agencies. They believe that it’s the hard work, innovation, and dedication of their members that make Ensemble what it is today. Therefore, they passionately invest in acknowledging and honoring such commitment and consistent performance.

Ensemble’s strategy includes not only recognizing the high-achieving agencies but also offering business development tools, marketing services, and partnerships with other industry players to enable all of its members to grow and succeed. They are significantly focusing more on experiences that can drive the industry forward. The exclusive event at Roland-Garros stands as a testament to this approach.

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Ensemble’s ongoing commitment

Ensemble’s commitment to its members and the industry has seen it become one of the most recognized names in the travel world. The event at Roland-Garros just doesn’t stand as a mere testament to the commitment. Still, it announces to the world the preparedness of Ensemble’s top performers to deliver more unique and enriching travel experiences to their clients. They do it, not just with the hope to retain the existing clientele but also to attract a new audience, who believe in quality and creativity in the tours they undertake.

In the whimsical world of travel, it’s worth more than just visiting a place. It’s about the experiences, the unique elements, the special touches that turn a simple journey into a story worth retelling time and again. This is what Ensemble’s top performers intend to offer their clients – a journey they can fondly remember and narrate to their friends and family.

As the travel industry gets more competitive, Ensemble’s proactive steps in recognizing its top performers and constantly helping its members grow have ensured its steady rise as a strong icon in the industry. It has time and again proved its commitment to the growth of its members and the industry as a whole. Their recent event at Roland-Garros, in essence, was more than an acknowledgement of their top performers. It was a strong assertion of the fact of the group’s readiness to design and deliver exceptional, enriching travel experiences.

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