Exploring botanical wonders: Garden-themed Riviera cruises with Royal Horticultural Society experts

Exploring botanical wonders: Garden-themed Riviera cruises with Royal Horticultural Society experts

Embarking on a horticultural journey with Riviera Cruises

One of the joys of travel is submerging oneself into new experiences and encountering unique aspects of different cultures. In tuning into these diverse cultural expressions, we can enrich our understanding of the world around us. An exceptional avenue to explore such enriching experiences is by participating in theme-based cruise departures. Riviera, a renowned cruise company, offers an admirable opportunity for horticulture aficionados to connect with Royal experts on its themed departures.

In an innovative endeavour, Riviera is presenting special Garden-themed departures in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). RHS is world-famous for its work in promoting horticulture and gardening, as well as offering gardeners valuable scientific and practical knowledge. The fusion of cruising with a themed departure based on gardening can ensure an unforgettable experience for travel enthusiasts with a penchant for horticulture.

Enriching experiences in horticulture and gardening

Riviera’s themed departures are adorned with the presence of notable gardening experts. One of them is Jon Wheatley, a prolific Gardener recognized for his contributions at the Chelsea Flower Show. Imagine sailing along, learning from such an expert while soaking in the natural beauty passing by.

Highlights of the themed departure

The high points of this garden-themed cruising experience would be exclusive onboard lectures and guided tours to the renowned gardens of France and Italy. The ‘Burgundy, the River Rhone, and Provence River Cruise’ is an example of such unique journeys. Scheduled to depart in April 2023, it not only offers insights from experts but also an opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes and blooming flowers in the heart of Europe’s most beautiful gardens.

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Embrace travel that intertwines with passion

All said and done, travel isn’t merely moving from one geographical location to another. It’s about immersing in diverse experiences that deepen one’s understanding of the world. Themed departures give us the opportunity to do just that. Therefore, whether you are an enthusiastic gardener or someone taken in by the appeal of serene landscapes and colourful blossoms, such an experience can be deeply gratifying.

Whether it is exploring the traditional Japanese art of Ikebana (flower arrangement) or marvelling at the tulip fields of the Netherlands, each journey brings something unique and special for the passion-oriented traveler.

So, take the plunge, open your heart to the world of botanical wonders on your next trip. The garden-themed departures by Riviera can be your ticket to an epic journey filled with unforgettable encounters, blooming blossoms, and enriching lessons from the world’s finest horticultural experts.

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