Oceania cruises introduces Allura, a new era of luxury and sustainability on the high seas

Oceania cruises introduces Allura, a new era of luxury and sustainability on the high seas

Meet Allura, Oceania Cruises’ newest addition

Breaking waves in the cruise industry, Oceania Cruises has launched its newest ship, Allura. The vessel was recently floated out from the esteemed Fincantieri shipyard in Italy, marking both a significant milestone for Oceania Cruises and a major highlight in the global cruise industry calendar.

Allura is the sister ship to the renowned Marina and Riviera ships, recognized world-wide for their exceptional cruise experiences, and carries the promise of holding up to the same high standards. This vessel is designed to enhance the passenger experience through its stand-out features and design elements. From its enchanting 700-foot veranda, to the luxurious and spacious interior layout, Allura is a testament to Oceania Cruises’ commitment to offering unrivalled experiences in the cruise industry.

Setting sail into a sustainable future

Oceania Cruises is synonymous with not just providing superlative cruise experiences, but also their formidable commitment to sustainable travel practice—a theme increasingly making headlines as responsible travel gains momentum worldwide. The introduction of Allura is a testament to these pursuits. With respect to technical advancements, the vessel boasts of advanced energy saving and emission reduction technologies. Incorporating these green innovations is a significant step in demonstrating Oceania Cruises’ dedication towards reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

The conservational commitment on board Allura fully aligns with Oceania Cruises’ pledge to eliminate plastic water bottles and reduce single-use plastic consumption. Aligning their vision with eco-conscious travelers, they onboard with the Clean the World initiative, effectively recycling toiletries from guest rooms and further highlighting their sustainable tourism efforts.

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As the anticipation builds for Allura’s inaugural voyage set for 2023, it’s clear that this new addition to Oceania Cruises’ fleet is more than just another ship. Allura embodies the essence of Oceania Cruises’ mission—to offer guests unparalleled experiences while honoring a commitment to protect the beautiful places its ships have the privilege of visiting.

The introduction of Allura brings not only an opportunity to embrace new adventures on the vast waters, but also a chance to contribute to a more sustainable future for travel. With each cruise taken, passengers are not only exploring breath-taking destinations but also joining a journey towards more responsible and conscious travel practices. The maiden voyage of Allura will undoubtedly mark the beginning of many thrilling adventures, with Oceania Cruises leading the helm.

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