Peek into the kitchens of Bon Appétit: culinary trends and staples in May 2024

Peek into the kitchens of Bon Appétit: culinary trends and staples in May 2024

In a playful spin on the proverb, I believe that one way to truly grasp a person’s heart is through the stomach. As a culinary enthusiast and food critic, I’m interested in the meals that other food enthusiasts choose to enjoy in their own kitchens. May 2024 was an interesting time for the culinary world, which got me wondering about what dishes the chefs at Bon Appétit had been working on. Here’s what I found!

Discovering new staples: the recipes of May

Bon Appétit is renowned for its inviting food photography and enticing recipes. But, what do its editors cook when they are not on duty? I was keen on finding out. May 2024 seemed to be a time of experimentation and rediscovery for these culinary mavens. From refreshing salads to hearty soups, the recipes revealed a spectrum of flavors, techniques, and cuisines.

Salads: a symphony of colors and flavors

With the arrival of spring, the Bon Appétit editors turned their attention to salads in May. Using the freshest produce, they crafted colorful and flavorful dishes. Some, like the kale and chicken Caesar salad, put a modern spin on the classic; others celebrated the bright and tangy flavors of globally-inspired recipes. Whatever your preference, these editors showed that a salad can transcend its role as a side dish to become a delicious and satisfying main course.

Soups and broths: comfort in a bowl

There is something inherently comforting about a hot bowl of soup—its aroma, its warmth, its ability to satiate and soothe. The recipes of May reaffirmed this. Ingredient-driven broths filled with vegetables and various proteins were seen simmering on makeshift stovetops, their flavors intensifying with each passing minute. There were options aplenty for vegetarians, pescatarians, carnivores, and flexitarians alike. Whether you prefer a soothing vegetable broth or a meaty chili, there was something for everyone.

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Exploring culinary trends: what’s next?

If the recipes of May 2024 are any indication, we can expect to see more of this fresh, flavorful, and globally-inspired cooking in the future. There is a burgeoning trend of embracing international foods while also honoring our roots. We are in an era of fusion, hybridization, and individual interpretation of time-honored recipes. This approach allows us to explore and appreciate unfamiliar cuisines and cultures while also giving us the room to get creative, add our personal touches, and experiment in the kitchen.

Looking at the meal choices of these culinary experts in May 2024, it’s clear to see their passion for well-prepared, quality food. Their repertoire relied heavily on fresh, whole foods, which reinforces the idea that cooking should not only be a conduit for great flavors but also for nourishment.

Having explored the culinary inclinations of the Bon Appétit editors in May 2024, we can only look forward to what the succeeding months will bring. As we continue forward in this gastronomic journey, remember that good food isn’t just about what tastes great. It’s about genuine craftsmanship, fresh ingredients, and most importantly, the joy we find in the process of cooking.

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