Beaches resorts earns advanced certified autism center recertification: a win for inclusive tourism

Beaches resorts earns advanced certified autism center recertification: a win for inclusive tourism

The realm of tourism is constantly evolving, with the industry increasingly recognizing the need for accessibility and inclusivity. A heartening testament to this trend is Beaches Resorts’ recent achievement – they have been awarded the recertification as an Advanced Certified Autism Center (ACAC). Every travel experience should be enriching and enjoyable for all, irrespective of their neurological differences, and this recognition signifies a substantial step towards a future of more inclusive travel. Let’s dive deeper to comprehend the implications of this achievement.

Decoding the ACAC accreditation

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) is responsible for bestowing the ACAC accreditation upon establishments. To gain this prestigious certification, a business must demonstrate that at least 80% of its staff members across all departments are trained and certified in the field of Autism. This level of commitment ensures that individuals on the Autism spectrum can fully engage and partake in the experiences offered at these establishments.

In the specific case of Beaches Resorts, their recertification signifies their sustained focus on offering a complete holiday experience that caters to and understands the needs of families with Autistic individuals. The resorts’ trained staff specializes in areas like sensory awareness, motor skills, autism overview, program development, social skills, communication, environment, and emotional awareness. This reflects a comprehensive effort from Beaches Resorts to ensure inclusivity and accessibility in all areas of their services.

Elevating the standard of inclusive tourism

In addition to the staff training, Beaches Resorts have taken their commitment to inclusive tourism a step further. They have implemented specific measures in their resorts to support their clientele better. Among these are modified culinary options to cater to specialized dietary procedures and personalized Kids Camps and evening programming, which are some of the resort’s amenities adapted to support children on the spectrum.

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Furthermore, Beaches Resorts also offer the service of ‘One-on-One Beaches Buddy’—a specially trained staff member committed to providing additional support and ensuring a seamless holiday experience for families. This level of personal attention not only enhances the quality of the holiday for families with autism, but it also encapsulates the true spirit of inclusive tourism.

Long-standing partnerships with brands like Sesame Street have also enriched the resort’s capacities. Together, they have developed an exclusive ‘Julia Character Breakfast’, featuring Julia, a Sesame Street character with autism, for a more engaging autism-friendly character experience.

Ending on a promising note, the achievement of Beaches Resorts sets an inspiring precedent for other establishments in the tourism sector to follow. With such dedicated efforts in making travel experiences more inclusive and accessible for individuals on the autism spectrum, we are heading towards a future where travel is more culturally sensitive and accommodating for all. This drives home the importance of creating travel experiences that celebrate the wonderful diversity of the human spectrum and is indeed a beacon of change in the world of tourism.

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