Experience authentic Tuscan cuisine with Casetta Firenze’s three hands culinary adventures

Experience authentic Tuscan cuisine with Casetta Firenze's three hands culinary adventures

Immersing oneself in the culture and daily life of a location has become an increasingly popular way to travel. And what better way to experience the heart of a city than through its food? The boutique hotel Casetta Firenze, nestled in the historic heart of Italy’s Florence, has made this possible with their newly launched ‘Three Hands’ culinary experiences.

The Three Hands culinary experience

Casetta Firenze, located in Florence’s Piazza Santo Spirito, isn’t just known for its comfortable accommodations and authentic Florentine charm. The hotel recently unveiled an immersive new offering for their guests – the ‘Three Hands’ culinary experiences. The chef-led courses and tours, available on weekdays, are designed to introduce guests to the rich flavors and culinary heritage of this famous Italian city.

The experiences available vary in nature. From courses that teach traditional Tuscan recipes, to wine tastings that delve into the notes and grapes of the region, to exclusive tours of local markets; there’s something for every foodie at Casetta Firenze.

Immerse yourself in authentic Tuscan cuisine

Each experience begins with an introduction from one of the local, expert chefs at Casetta Firenze. They guide guests through the traditional cooking techniques and share the fascinating history behind these recipes. They aim to celebrate Tuscan gastronomy, with a focus on the authenticity of ingredients, and sustainability. It’s truly an intimate and enriching journey of flavors.

During the course, guests are able to learn the art of making pasta from scratch, cook a variety of Tuscan soups, and prepare delectable desserts. It’s not just about learning the recipes. It’s about understanding the role that these dishes play in the cultural identity of Tuscans. It’s a sublime way to appreciate the city’s rich history, tradition and lifestyle, all conveyed through its food.

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In addition to the traditional cooking experience, Casetta Firenze also offers market tours, where guests can understand the importance of fresh, local produce in the formation of these dishes. Under the guidance of these culinary experts, you get to navigate the bustling local markets, choose the freshest produce and even meet the local vendors.

Highlighting the significant role that wine plays in Italian culture, the boutique hotel also offers a ‘Wine Story Telling’ experience. In the heart of a functioning wine cellar, guests get an opportunity to understand the wine-making process and appreciate the significance of local wine production.

And as the sun sets over the Tuscan cityscape, guests can relish the fruits of their labour, accompanied by a local wine in the hotel’s scenic ‘Drop, The Wine Hub’ terrace, for an unforgettable Italian dining experience.

Disengage from the beaten path. Engage in a taste and exploration of local Florence. These unique and enriching ‘Three Hands’ experiences at Casetta Firenze are aiming to redefine what it means to truly experience a city. A reminder that there is more to travelling than sight-seeing; it’s about making meaningful connections with the places we visit. And Casetta Firenze offers just that – an opportunity to explore, connect, and leave with a fuller heart, belly, and understanding of this beautiful city.

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